About STRUMASONG Guitar & Ukulele School

Having a strong passion for singing I became involved in Gorey Choral Group and St Michael's Senior Folk Group during my early teens. All be it singing was my first love I had a strong desire to learn an instrument. Aged sixteen I took my first guitar lesson and never looked back. During full time studies at DIT Kevin St, I enrolled in an evening course at DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama, Adelaide Road. The course gave an introduction to music theory and one to one vocal coaching.

Having a keen interest in traditional Irish music, I attended an evening class in  guitar accompaniment at Waltons School Of Music (Dublin). There I was introduced to various strumming patterns and techniques suited to accompanying jigs and reels etc, picking techniques and chords which complemented traditional Irish music beautifully.

Taking the opportunity to put it all into practice I played along side traditional Irish musicians and groups for many years. In 2002 I received an invitation to play and sing abroad. Forming a Group "Celtic Spirit" we performed at Roly's Bistro , West Palm Beach, Florida during the St Patrick's Day Celebrations for a number of years. Returning home most weekends I began teaching my niece and nephew. Two students led to four, four led to more. Combining my singing, playing and teaching experience I established  Strumasong Guitar & Ukulele School and it continues to grow from strength to strength today.

Having a young family of my own music is fast becoming a part of their lives and I see the joy and fun it brings to their world. Learning a musical instrument may help improve a child's learning ability, their fine motor skills and improve memory retention. Playing as part of a group or ensemble has great social benefits for children and helps them develop important life skills such as how to work as part of a team developing discipline and leadership skills.

At my school students are given an introduction to music theory,  this forms a good musical foundation helping them progress and become the best guitar/ukulele player they can be. Charity work is very important to our school and our students help raise funds for the following charities and organisations.   

Our Lady's Children's Hospital Crumlin

 The Alzheimers Society of Ireland

St Aidan's Day Care Centre, Gorey

The recording below was arranged and performed by Jacqueline Symes.

Time To Say Goodbye - Tribute.mp3