We had a very busy run up to Christmas raising funds for charities and local school. 

Strumasong students raised an Amazing €1266 for Children's Health Foundation Ireland.  Strumasong students also supported Gorey Central School with a wonderful initiative to set up an Music Instrument Fund for their Gorey Central School and their students, theyhelped raise €420.


Wexford pupils make music for the masses at fundraiser in Gorey Shopping Centre

Strumasong and the pupils from Gorey Central School performing in Gorey Shopping Centre. Pic: Jim Campbell

Pupils from Gorey Central School held a musical fundraiser to the tune of €420 with the aim of purchasing music equipment that will benefit themselves and future generations.

The Strumasong event in Gorey Shopping Centre was a high note for pupils in the recently-formed school choir, who spent the past two months preparing to perform with practices during their lunch breaks. Jackie Symes of Strumasong Guitar and Ukelele School, who established the new school choir, said that the performance was a huge success.

"The people going by were just so supportive. I think people are really appreciating music, particularly after the pandemic. You could just see the joy on their faces,” she said. “We were blown away by how much was raised in a short length of time. It has given us the confidence to keep going.”

All of the money raised will be used to purchase new music resources for the school.

Strymasong Christmas Fundraiser